Case, we have a job for you. (written in futura font of course)

There were six students with an idea to possibly make the world a better place. Or at least attempt to make a trailer that would appeal to the masses, aesthetically.

Wes Anderson directing Neuromancer includes the classic eccentricities that are often associated with his films. A quirky folk song to evoke feelings associated with the plot and colors to make everything pop perfectly. Straight shots and witty one liners to create immense focus on both the scenery and the gravity of the plot.

Our finished product came out way better than I could’ve hoped that it would.

We decided to do our explanation via creation of a movie trailer that would tease the best part of the novel (the introduction) and give a fair insight to the characters and their personalities. We believed that by creating a trailer we would be explaining enough to not reveal to much, but also so much that it would captivate and intrigue others to read the novel.

The project was extremely fun and it was cool to work together with other avid Wes Anderson fans and publish a work we were all fond of.

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